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Mindful Movement

A Dance inquiry into presence and awareness of oneself. 

The Dance Alone, Together.  A dance of inquiry into presence and awareness of oneself on and off the dance floor.  Mindful Movement is a seated practice and moving meditation shared in an atmosphere of contemplative conscious dancing.   


Sitting allows us an opportunity to re-enter the realm of our still, aware, and alive bodies.  


We can step into our own dance of discovery as an authentic movement expression.  We connect with our true sources of renewal and relaxation and deepen our personal practice.  Join us to explore and cultivate your relationship with the vastness of being and the authentic impulses that move within you.

Beginning and ending with a few minutes of sitting silently in circle, this reflective class offers space to move between Pause Presence and conscious inward-focused dance.

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Mindful Movement Series

Starting April  27th - May 29th

Wednesdays 10:30am

MH Spiritual Center

100 Cummings Center, Suite 426C

Beverly, MA  01915

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