My dance is woven into all the elements in my life - expansive and expressive and joyful, as well as quiet and slower inquiries.  Even embracing the fragile and imperfect ones.  My practice is to be embodied in the discovery in the gap between each breath, finding and celebrating the exquisite dance within the stillness. 

I offer classes that are a space for people to show up as they are and move in the way that their body is inspired to move. 

Every day is an opportunity to begin again, to be more fully present in the intimate dance, and connect with others in a way that holds sacred space for whatever is there in that moment. No matter what is going on, no matter what the question is, dance always seems to be the answer.  And I can bring my Soul Motion practice into the everyday.   

I am a certified Soul Motion Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach.

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Contact me directly at corey@embodyingsoul.com

or at 617-771-1630.